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Zip Pneumatics is the leader in providing a truly pneumatic tube system. We have the easiest pneumatic tube system designs in the industry without compromising innovative features for our clients. We have seen too often as technology advances within the pneumatic tube system industry, the learning curve also gets steeper. We believe that this should not be the case.

Over the past 35 years we have spoken with many clients that are looking for a pneumatic tube system that not only gets the job done but is easy to use and maintain. We are proud to say that our pneumatic tube systems are designed with the latest technology while always keeping ease of use and maintenance as the highest priorities. By making our pneumatic tube systems user friendly and very reliable, we allow our clients to spend more time running their operations than trying to train someone how to use the equipment.

In the past few years, we have focused on becoming the leader in pneumatic tube system technology. As a result, we have introduced new features and improvements to better serve our clients such as 35% improved transaction speeds, new touch screen interface technology, carrier tracking to better locate carriers in the pneumatic tube system, modern visual upgrades and features in our software program, and more!

If you would like to learn more about our pneumatic tube systems, please visit our brochure page.

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January 20th 2012

Zip PTS 4.0 - Pneumatic Tube SystemBased on feedback from our clients, the best software in the pneumatic tube system industry has just become better with several improvements that further enhance its performance and Usability.   More...

Carrier TrackingOur carrier tracking technology is a valuable addition to the pneumatic tube system industry. With it a business or organization can track exactly what carrier was sent from one location to another.   More...

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